Advanced Extraction

A modern approach to brewing specialty coffee

Lead Instructor
David Seng
World Barista Championship judge

21 topics

67 lessons

39 videos

Shift your coffee making skills into top gear with our Advanced Extraction course!

This barista course will focus on advanced extraction techniques, its applications in the modern specialty cafe, and is the perfect extension to our Barista Basics course.

Together we will take an in-depth look at improving and measuring coffee quality, explore the science of coffee extraction, key factors that affect flavour balance in the cup and methods to manipulate flavour.


By the end of this barista course you will have the analytical tools and practical skills required to make better tasting coffee whether at home or in the cafe.

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Key topics covered include:

  • How grind settings and dosage choices impact flavour
  • Creating espresso recipes
  • Understand Extraction Yield and Strength (TDS) in relation to espresso
  • Measurement of espresso TDS (strength) using a coffee refractometer
  • How coffee age impacts extraction and techniques for age manipulation
  • Espresso extraction diagnosis

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